Founded by a Woman of color

Everything begins with the love of self. Our pieces spark the light to remind us of the magic that is inherently within. The Magic is in hue.

Color give us life, and the words remind us of it’s meaning.

  • The Planting Seeds Collection

    We plant seeds for flowering unity in community building. We plant seeds for flourishing in alignment where the beginning and the ending is where the love of self is. We quite literally plant seeds and grow our own food for sovereignty, and the divine connection to source.

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  • Vegan & Vegan Sometimes goods

    Plant Based-whole foods enhances connection to life force. The word “Vegan” is just a label. Even if you don’t fully subscribe to it, yet desire to enhance your life, this will be an unavoidable step.

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  • The Listen Campaign project

    The Listen Campaign is a reminder to recognize the correlation of stillness, and it’s reconnection to self that creates an abundance of resolution, connection to consciousness, resistance against the programming, respect, recognition, value and compassion towards all living organisms as well as alignment to nature. It’s about reassigning our energies, and realigning our attention.