I am Tiffany Ledesma, Creator, Founder, and Owner of theMagicinhUe®.

I am a 9 year vegan, free-birthing, homeschooling, extended breastfeeding, holistic mommy-preneur born in Brooklyn NY, of Guyanese culture, currently residing in Queens NY, and I created TheMagicinhUe to be a catalyst for empowerment for the people.


What I experienced working directly with high school students in the DOE for many years, was a complete disconnect from self and source, within a large majority of these students’ eyes. These children were typically lost, had limited vision, minimal outlook on what they desired to do, where they saw themselves going, and without knowledge of who they actually are as a person. They seemed stripped of the magic that lies dormant in every human being, within your genetic coding, that allows you to tap into a degree of power, based on the amount of melanin stored in your body.

Because it was important for me to ensure that this world we occupy, was in an acceptable condition for the children I reared, to lead, and live in, I had to do my part to imprint on, as much as possible, every last person which whom I interact with, whether directly or indirectly. I embarked on this journey to create TheMagicinhUe, to become that catalyst of change in the diaspora, one that enlightened, planted seeds, and helped to realign a demographic as a whole, towards proliferation within my own ability, and right. My intention is to provide something tangible that would serve as a rippling affect of action and change in all surrounding parties that should encounter them.

As a wombman, and a mother, I am deeply influenced by the black woman and her every action. This brand was exclusively designed for the leader in each and every on of h(U)e. Through imagery, we tell stories in an effort to invoke thought around controversial issues. Each design will spark and inspire the magic that lies beneath our textured hairs, and our pigmented skin, in a way that will be glamorous, vibrant, and comfortable. The trendy & busy mom will flourish here. She will also be the kind who is intentional, who lives everyday with purpose, and requires colorful iterations, to wear to the places, while doing all the things. 

TheMagicinhUe is indigenous woman owned, and intends to service everyone with a voice, Children, Women & Men from all walks of life, because we each of us came from a Black Wombman.